Trusted Partner for your most critical systems and processes

At Jadan Group, we build enduring relationships with our clients.  We offer ongoing operational support for mission critical systems and processes through front and back office function outsourcing.  On or off site, our business process support teams will ensure that your organization is functioning smoothly, so you can focus on delivering value to your customers.

Jadan Group provides the full range of IT services to our clients, from strategy to execution.  We develop and integrate customized enterprise-level systems to optimize operational efficiencies.  We specialize in multi-level secure cross domain processing for our clients who operate in a segmented, multi-network environment.  We offer keen insights into insider threat mitigation techniques, and we consult on a robust range of identity and access management practices.

Management accountability and the need to drive efficiencies are top priorities for organizations across the operational spectrum.  Jadan Group assists our clients to achieve clarity and understanding of their most critical processes, and identify the risks and controls to meet their objectives.  We identify and evaluate internal and external threats, and help formulate action plans rooted in pragmatic planning at the strategic, operational and tactical levels.

Internal audit departments are rapidly evolving to add more value and elevate their organization’s governance, risk management and controls. With today’s dynamic business environment and constrained budgets, CAE’s are struggling to do more with less. Our experienced consultants can partner with your team to support internal audit operations.  Jadan’s services can be outsourced, co-sourced or on an “as needed” basis depending on your organization’s specific requirements and goals.