We are a full service management consulting firm comprised of experienced professionals in information technology, internal audit, risk management, and operations.  From organizational strategy formulation to daily business operations, Jadan Group is the trusted partner for your most critical systems and processes. 


Some of the specific areas of operations that Jadan Group's business process support teams specialize in are:

  • Information Technology Service Management (ITSM):  Planning for, delivering, operating and controlling quality IT services on behalf of an organization.
  • Records Management (RM):  Managing an organization's records life cycle, physical and digital, preserving auditability and complying with record storage mandates.
  • Staff Augmentation: Providing on or off site surge support to get an organization through spikes in workload.


Jadan Group internal auditors have a variety of higher educational and professional backgrounds to provide clients with a broad range of services related to internal controls review and assessment.  Consistent with the the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), we assist clients with:

  • Effectiveness and Efficiency of Operations:  An organization's basic business objectives, including performance and profitability goals and safeguarding of resources.
  • Reliability of Financial Reporting:  The preparation of reliable published financial statements for an organization.
  • Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations:  Complying with those laws and regulations to which the organization is subject.

Risk Management

An organization's strategy, operations, reporting, and compliance objectives all have associated strategic business risks that characterize the ordinary course of business activities.  Jadan Group's risk management professionals help our clients assesses these risks and develop related mitigation plans through use of the  COSO  Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework to achieve organizational objectives:

  • Strategic:  High-level goals, aligned with and supporting its mission.
  • Operations:  Effective and efficient use of its resources.
  • Reporting:  Reliability of reporting.
  • Compliance:  Compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Internal Audit

Some of the specific subareas of information technology that Jadan Group professionals provide expertise are:

  • Cybersecurity:  Strengthening the resilience of cyberspace through physical, technical and administrative controls to provide for data integrity, availability, authenticity, non-repudiation and confidentiality.
  • Identity and Access Management:  The right resources for the right people.  Simply, and with confidence.  All the time.
  • Multi-level Secure Cross-Domain Computing:  Securely bridging the information gap between domains of different classification.
  • Systems Engineering:  Architecting the right solutions to meet mission needs.
  • Software Development:  Developing and integrating system components.


Information Technology